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Qualia Analytics

Redefining research with technology-enhanced solutions

Case study:Qualia Analytic's Website

Qualia Analytics is a leading expert in experience research methodologies within public engagement and service sectors. They have developed proprietary methods for data collection and analysis give organisations real-time feedback from visitor experiences at festivals and functions. Qualia Analytics was founded by two academics who are utterly passionate about redefining how research is done.

Our role

Katana Code’s mission for Qualia Analytics was to create a world-class website for them quickly! They were soon presenting their services at international conferences in Brazil and Argentina and needed to establish an online presence.

We worked with the QA team to create a simple, yet eye-catching design for communicating the company’s message well.

The deadline for the conferences was met and the mission was a success. We are continuing our relationship with QA to further develop the presentation of their services

Qualia Analytic's Website

Qualia Analytics’ website is built using the latest version of Ruby on Rails, the most effective tool for fast, interative web development. The site is built with three language preferences in mind for each customer-facing aspect of the site: English, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. The site is comes with translations for each of these languages.

Qualia Analytic's Website
 Responds to fit any screen size
 Supports multiple languages
 Automatically loads the user's preferred language where possible
 Integrates with 3rd-party emailers for effective email management
 Integrates with Google Analytics for targeted marketing campaigns
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