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Small team, by design

We're a small team, by design — and that makes us different.

Our experience (and research) has shown that smaller teams usually produce better work, make quicker decisions, and can adapt faster and more efficiently to change.

Staying small allows us to keep our overheads and costs low, and focus on what really matters: doing great work for our clients.

Katana's core team

Katana was founded by Gavin Morrice and Bob McKinven, two software specialists from Edinburgh, Scotland.

Gavin Morrice

Gavin Morrice Managing Director

Gavin is a software developer with a knack for solving complex problems with elegant solutions. Prior to co-founding Katana, he was a full-time software developer and consultant. Gavin has developed solutions for a number of startups and small businesses, has led development teams, and has consulted on projects in the US, Europe, and Africa.

When he’s not working Gavin is training (weightlifting), teaching software development, reading, or playing some musical instrument.

Bob McKinven

Bob McKinven Chief Operations Officer

As a software engineer with in-depth experience of business operational procedures, Bob leads the project from the initial business concept, through system specification with UML, the build process and finally the launch. Prior to co-founding Katana, Bob worked as a startup consultant. Bob has planned and developed products for numerous markets including, the health sector, national associations, e-Learning, & the legal sector.

On the rare occasions he stops working, Bob enjoys dancing with his wife, wood-turning with his friends, and reading by himself.

Our extended family

Here are some other professionals who we enjoy collaborating with on relevant projects.

Helen Wyllie

Helen Wyllie  Graphic designer and illustrator

Helen is a graphic designer and illustrator with a real flare for creating unique, colourful, and eye-catching designs. Helen’s logos and illustrations convey personality, and help tell a story. Based in Edinburgh, she’s just a phone-call away and is always happy to help.

Dan Andersen

Dan Andersen Logo and app icon designer

Dan is a very gifted designer based in Minneapolis, MN. His logos and icons have a clever, modern, and simple style. Dan is always quick to contribute his own ideas. His work really help a project stand out and he never disappoints.

John Daniels

John Daniels  Google Adwords Maven

John is a Google Adwords expert with 8 years of experience in designing targeted ad campaigns that deliver results. He is a Google Certified Partner who has worked with more than 200 businesses and managed half a million pounds in spend. Once a project is launched, John’s services can help maximise it’s visibility through precisely targeted ad campaigns.

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