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Some useful tools we've made

We make free-to-use and open-source tools to help make our fellow entrepreneurs and software developers ship great stuff faster and cheaper.

App Starter

Do you have an idea for an app or a website? App Starter is our step-by-step guide to evaluating and developing your own idea. The guide explains how to plan out your product and research your marketplace before you start looking for the right developers to work with. Since its launch, we've helped thousands of people structure and test their ideas with App Starter.


Blogit is a blogging plugin (Gem) for Ruby on Rails applications that works straight out the box. With Blogit, developers can install a blog on their website in only a couple of lines of code. To date, the gem has been downloaded over 57000 times.


Genderize improves the experience for your website's users by making your app gender aware. The Ruby on Rails gem offers a value object and helper methods for gender pronouns and inflections. Since we released this gem, it's been downloaded over 13,300 times.

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