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Insights into the world of startups, app development, and marketing

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The 2 largest pitfalls small businesses face when hiring

Written by Martin Love

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Should you buy Facebook likes?

Written by Effie Ioannou

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The Four Tenets of Bootstrapping a Tech Startup

Written by Gavin Morrice

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How to protect your website from Mobilegeddon!

Written by Gavin Morrice

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Interview with Ian Isherwood, CEO of DateME Kenya

Written by Gavin Morrice

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Why you should build your web startup using Ruby on Rails

Written by Gavin Morrice

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A Review of RubyMotion in 2015

Written by Gavin Morrice


Simple, Clean Persistence in Rubymotion with motion-persistable

Written by Gavin Morrice

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Where To Find Funding For Your Startup Business?

Written by Gavin Morrice

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What's an MVP? (Minimum Viable Product)

Written by Gavin Morrice

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