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Services we offer

We help companies make more money by providing them with bespoke software solutions, enhancing existing products, and providing consulting and mentoring.

We'll build you an interactive and dynamic website

Websites should feel intuitive, look great and, most importantly, serve your customers’ needs. Good design says a lot about your organisation. We pride ourselves on creating elegant, simple, and functional websites that your customers will love to use.

DateMe Kenya Homepage

We'll equip you with a custom-built mobile app

Mobile apps should be fast, robust, and easy to use.

We’ve been developing mobile apps since 2012 and we love to do it. Whether you need a stand-alone app, or one that integrates with a website too, our extensive experience in developing web services means our team can build the entire system and ensure that each part works seamlessly with the rest.

Paleo Feed on iPad

We'll mentor you as you grow your business

Are you looking for help developing your knowledge and growing your business?

Our startup mentoring support can help you fast-track your business and your own entrepreneurial progress, while helping you to avoid the hurdles that often trip up other entrepreneurs.

We also offer

 Software spec. writing

If you’re shopping around for a quote to get your project started, having a great specification document is a good place to start. Because there are so many factors involved in developing an application, an honest software developer would find it difficult to provide an accurate quote for your project without first knowing a lot about how it should look and work.

We will work with you to produce a detailed, industry-standard, spec. document for a fixed price. You can send this spec. to any development company for them to use as the basis to provide you with an accurate quote — there’s no obligation to continue with us for the development phase.

 API development

Mobile apps often rely on data from web-based services to function. We have years of experience in building APIs for client mobile applications, that are fast, scalable, and fully documented for future development.

If your business is looking to develop a mobile app for an existing website, we can help develop a killer API for your service to provide the app with the data it needs.

 Code first aid

Some of the most fun projects we’ve worked on are the existing products that we’ve been asked to rescue.

If your website or mobile app is not working as expected, we can help nurse it back to health and make sure that it stays healthy moving onwards.

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