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Ethics statement

Like every business, we need to make a living. To us though, success is about a lot more than just our bottom line. We thrive when we see others thrive, and we try to make the big decisions like how, where, what, and who we work with based on the impact our actions have on others.

Smaller before bigger

We love startups and small businesses. They encourage innovation and creativity, improve healthy market competition, and we believe they’re essential to a thriving and happy economy.

We hate to see the small business be left behind due to the high costs of developing and maintaining software. To do our part, we go the extra distance for startups and small businesses in negotiating fair payment options that enable our partners, not restrict them.

Givers before takers

We support charities and non-profit organisations, offering reduced rates for all of our clients with charitable status. Our goal is to encourage more organisations that we can see really contribute to the greater good.

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