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We design stunning websites custom-made to fit your business

Web development is a lot more than just sleek design and a few fancy tricks.

Web software should be designed around your business's needs, to help you achieve your aims as effectively as possible—and that's what we do best!

As web developers with years of experience in consulting and mentoring businesses on web technology, Katana specialises in creating elegant software solutions tailored to improve your bottom-line.

Brian Keating, CEO URTV

The guys at Katana rock! As an entrepreneur I look for partners that are special. Unlike most coders they really take the time to really understand the bigger business issues and objectives, and also understand and help design in flexibility so the solution can evolve. This roadmapping of the solution which mirrors the evolution of the business model is critical in a fast-moving, competitive environment and is unusual to find in a boutique software house.
Brian Keating

We'll help you start your project, prepared

Too many web projects are poorly executed because they are poorly planned. Before we even think about code, we'll spend time making sure we understand your business. We'll explore and detail your project's requirements with you, so we fully understand what you're aiming to achieve.

Andy Lumsden, CEO Pixel Gecko

They quickly understood what we wanted to achieve and planned all the required steps and processes to get there. Every detail was meticulously structured, thought out and documented. This was then conveyed to us in layman’s terms we could understand and quantify, making the whole process (slightly) less daunting.
Andy Lumsden

Get equipped for 2020 and beyond

The Internet is constantly evolving and you need a website that is designed for tomorrow's Internet user, as well as today's. Using tools like Ruby on Rails we develop websites that:

  • Look great on any screen size (are responsive)
  • Are super fast to load
  • Integrate well with the other services your business uses
  • Are search-engine friendly
  • Are easy to change in response to your business needs

Alex Small, Managing Director, The Revelry Singapore

I’ve worked with a number of dev shops, and KatanaCode has topped them all. One thing they do uniquely well is thinking about your product holistically: you give them a spec, and not only will they execute on it, but they’ll also act as a thought partners, and advise when aspects of your spec can be improved.
Alex Small

Not local? Not a problem

So far, we've worked with clients from 7 countries, across 4 continents. The Internet has really made the world smaller. Using internet technology like Skype, Google Hangouts, and Slack means we can work with you wherever you're based.

Ian Isherwood, CEO DateME Kenya

Katana helped us turn our crazy ideas into reality. They offered a very hands on and personal service from start to finish, and continue to do so long after our site was launched. They show great pride in their work and I love that - A real pleasure to work with!
Ian Isherwood

Start planning your web project today

If you have an idea for a website or an app, we'd love to help bring your idea to life. Use the form below to send us an introduction, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Note — To save you time we've written the answers to the most common questions on our  commonly asked questions page.