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We've Just Launched Pingr

Gavin Morrice

Written by Gavin Morrice on Feb 27th, 2013

Pingr is our latest open source project. It’s a ruby gem to help developers notify search engines like Google about changes to their sitemap. Submitting your sitemap, rather than simply waiting for Google to crawl your site again means your new content and changes will be visible in search results much sooner. 

Notifying Google about your latest site content has never been easier. With the Pingr gem installed, simply initialize a new Pingr::Request object from within your controller (or better yet, a background job), to automatically notify Google:

def create
  @post = # ... create a new post"")
  # ... redirect user

Pingr was developed for the latest version of blogit. Suggestions and feedback are welcome on the GitHub repo

Gavin Morrice

This post was written by me, Gavin Morrice

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